2005 - Officer-involved Shootings

In 2005 there were 39 officer-involved shootings, resulting in 20 civilians killed and 19 wounded; 4 of those killed were unarmed, including a 15-year old boy shot in the back, and at least one was known to be mentally ill. One police officer was killed by another officer. All of the officers were no-billed.

Officers killed in 2005

39. 12/24/05 - Theolonious Paul Henry, b/m, 40, critically injured when shot by Houston PD officers A.A. Ferrer and R.D. Gonzales (both 8-yr. veterans, Southeast Patrol Div.) Henry was assaulting his estranged girlfriend. When police arrived, they saw him shoot at her, then allegedly point his pistol at the officers, and they shot him, striking him multiple times in his upper torso. The girlfriend received minor grazing wounds to her head and arm.

37. & 38. 12/15/05 - Aurelio Ivan Chavez, h/m, 24, killed, and Rodolfo Antonio Villalta, h/m, 19, wounded when shot by unnamed Houston PD undercover narcotics officers. Police claim that Chavez, Villalta, Michael Martinez, 22, and Richard Garza, 17, attempted to rob the officers during a drug buy, and gunshots were exchanged. One of the officers was in good condition after being shot in the abdomen and ankle. Chavez is the 20th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers.

36. 12/5/05 - Jonathan Ray Ford, 22, shot twice in the waist by off-duty Houston PD officer Mario A. Valles, 37 (10-yr. veteran Fondren Patrol Div.) Valles and his partner had stopped Ford and a companion after learning they were in a stolen SUV used that day in several robberies. When Ford got out of the car with a gun, police say he refused to put it down, and Valles shot him.

35. 11/7/05 - Angelina Brewer, w/f, 47, known to be mentally ill, killed when shot 15 times, including 5 in the back, by Houston PD sergeants C.E. Anderson and K.H. Bounds, 24 and 13-yr. veterans respectively, and officer L.T. Gibson, a 5-yr. veteran; all are from the North Patrol Division. Brewer's employer had called 911 about 11 am to report she may be suicidal and asking that someone check on her. In the meantime, Brewer asked her sister to be with her, and picked her up. The sister spoke to Brewer's employer by cell phone as they drove around. When Brewer saw a police car following her, she began to pull over, but when more police cars appeared, she drove off, but soon stopped at an abandoned gas station around 4:30 pm (about 5 hours after HPD was first called). Numerous police cars immediately surrounded Brewer's truck. Brewer's sister opened the door and slid the gun toward the officers, who failed to retrieve it. Both girls got out of the truck and when Brewer picked up the gun and began to stand up, the officers shot her. According to her sister, Brewer never threatened or pointed the gun at her or any of the approximately 20 officers surrounding them. No CIT officer ever attempted to speak to Brewer during the 4- to 5-hour interval after HPD was first notified of Angelina's condition. Her sister was shot in the foot during the assault. Brewer is the 19th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers. (media reports)

31. 32. 33. & 34. 11/3/05 - Jose Pino, (h/m) and Juan Bautista, (h/m) killed, and Jose Contreras, (h/m) and Ivan Lopez, (h/m) wounded when shot by FBI agents D.M. Hays, L. Greene, M.W. Bobbitt, C.O. Acosta, C.D. Honza, K.B. Erickson, M.A. Telle and M.E. Stokes during an anti-gang raid targeting MS-13 members. All of the victims are believed to be h/m in their early to mid-20s.

Pino and Bautista are the 17th and 18th persons known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers.

30. 10/21/05 - Anthony Johnson

15, b/m, shot once in the back by Harris County Sheriff's deputy Mike R. Robinson, 38 (13-yr. veteran). Anthony was a passenger in a pickup truck that Robinson claims was driving erratically, and he gave chase. The truck crashed, and driver and passenger fled. Robinson claims Anthony pointed an assault rifle at him as he ran, and he shot him. Anthony's mother and others question this account by police. Anthony died a month after he was shot. Deputy Robinson's personnel file reveals he was almost terminated earlier in his career for using excessive force against an inmate. Johnson is the 16th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

29. 10/8/05 - R. Coleman, wounded when shot by North Harris & Montgomery County College District PD officer Darren Dixon. (details unavailable at this time)

28. 9/9/05 - Juan Ramon Aguilar, h/m, shot twice and killed by HPD officer Mark T. Chapnick (North Patrol Div.), who had stopped Aguilar's SUV as he tried to pick up teenage girls. Chapnick claims Aguilar refused to obey his commands, and a struggle ensued. Chapnick shot him with a Taser, with little effect, and claims Aguilar then attacked, beat him in the face and tried to take his weapon. Chapnick then shot and killed Aguilar. Aguilar is the 15th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

27. 8/11/05 - Ronald Charles Newman, 52, shot in the head and killed. Houston PD officer H.M. Wagner Jr. (3-yr veteran, Southeast Patrol Div.) claims Newman shot at him several times after he stopped him for outstanding warrants. Newman's son said his father was not a violent person and had no ill feelings toward police. Newman is the 14th person known to have been shot to death this year in an incident involving a Harris county police officer.

See also: 7/31/07 - Wagner is one of seven officers that kill Reginald Lee Sumbler.

26. 7/25/05 - Bridget Clare Dolan, w/f, 26, shot several times and killed by Houston PD officer K.W. Rogers (a 15-yr. veteran assigned to Clear Lake Patrol Div.) and League City police Sgt. P.R. Odin. Dolan and another woman had stolen beer from a convenience store. After a lengthy chase, Dolan ran into an apartment complex and, when cornered by police, allegedly began alternately pointing a gun at her head, then at officers. Despite knowing her gun was jammed, Rogers and Odin claim they were "forced" to shoot Dolan. Dolan is the 13th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

25. 7/20/05 - Michael Wayne Brooks, w/m, 40, killed when shot twice in the side by Houston PD officers Charles C. Robertson, 56, and Christian C. Lyall, 37 (Westside Patrol Div.) Officers claim they shot him after he pointed a pistol at them while "ranting and raving" in a shopping center parking lot. Brooks' family and friends say this behavior was uncharacteristic, and he had recently opened his own business. They theorize that he was given drugs when he ran into an old friend. Brooks is the 12th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

24. 7/19/05 - Steven Lopez, killed when shot in the head by Houston PD officer Noe Hernandez, a 10-year veteran, and his father when he tried to break into a neighbor's car. Lopez is the 11th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

23. 7/6/05 - Nehemiah Pickens

b/m, 33, a Precinct 6 reserve deputy constable, shot once in the head, twice in the back, and once in the thigh (all from the back) and killed by Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Wallace Jones. Jones and another deputy were pursuing a 17-year-old boy on foot after he crashed a stolen car in an apartment complex where Pickens was working as a security guard. When Pickens saw the boy, he allegedly pulled his gun and began chasing him. Jones claims he thought Pickens, not in uniform, was a "suspect," ordered him to drop his gun, and shot him when he turned toward him, gun still in hand. A witness disputes Jones' account, stating there was no verbal warning or order and that Pickens was not a threat to Jones, who was no-billed. Pickens is the 10th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

21. & 22. 7/6/05 - Ronald Hamilton, b/m, 31, and Shedrick White, b/m, 32, wounded when shot by Houston PD officers T.A. Adams (10-yr. veteran), J.L. Scales, 35 (3-yr. veteran), and K.L. Raven (3 1/2-yr. veteran), all from Fondren Patrol Div. The officers responded to a burglary call and found White and Hamilton robbing three men inside a store. Police say they refused to drop their weapons, instead pointing them at the officers, who fired at them multiple times.

On 1/7/97, Scales, who was then a 27-yr. old Bellville police officer, shot and killed Raizell S. Duff, 18 and unarmed. Scales claims he found Duff inside his home and shot him 3 times because the boy refused to stop approaching him (despite the gun in Scales' hand).

20. 7/3/05 - Simon Gutierrez Jahuey, h/m, 27 and unarmed, critically wounded when shot by Harris County sheriff's deputy Richard King, a 20-yr. veteran of HCSO. Jahuey's estranged wife's 13-yr. old niece had run away from home and had been living with Jahuey for a month. When he returned the girl to her home, deputies approached to question him, and Jahuey fled in his minivan. A 30-minute chase by both HCSO deputies and HPD officers ended when King pulled alongside Jahuey's vehicle and fired three times at him, striking him in the neck. It is a violation of HCSO policy to shoot into a vehicle under these conditions, and HCSO suspended King without pay for 15 days, put him on probation for 180 days, and removed him from patrol duty for this violation.

19. 7/1/05 - W. Burkhalter, killed when shot several times in the chest, arm and hip, by Houston PD patrol officers Justin H. Kennedy, 26, and Thomas E. Hardin, 27 (both 3-year veterans with Westside Patrol), responding to a stolen car report. The officers claim Burkhalter pulled a pistol when they approached, and they shot him; no shots were fired by Burkhalter. Burkhalter is the 9th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers.

18. 6/19/05 - Ngoc Van Nghiem, a/m, 31, critically wounded when shot in the abdomen by Houston PD officer James M. Garris, working off-duty as a security guard. Garris says he shot at (but didn't hit) Nghiem when he pointed a pistol at a group in a restaurant. Nghiem then turned toward Garris, who fired and hit him in the abdomen.

16. & 17. 6/18/05 - Stephanie Hall, 32, killed, and Chaderick Moore, 31, wounded when shot by Pct. 4 constable's deputies M. Smith, B. Panoja and Allen Hartman, 43 (a 12-yr. veteran). Hall was driving a car involved in the robbery of a jewelry store by Moore. Gunfire was exchanged during the chase - Hall was killed, and Moore was injured when hit twice. Deputy Hartman was injured when hit twice in the shoulder. Hall is the 8th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

15. 6/9/05 - Juan Jose Morales, h/m, 34, wounded when shot in the shoulder by Harris County sheriff's deputies Donald W. Tipps (13-yr. veteran) and N. Carter. The officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call, and pulled into the driveway behind Morales, who was in his car. As they approached him, officers say he began trying to back his vehicle up on the hood of a patrol car while a deputy was still inside. Claiming he refused to show his hands and reached for something on the passenger side of his car, they shot him. He was Life-Flighted to Hermann Hospital in critical condition. Officers claim there was a shotgun in his car.

14. 6/9/05 - Timothy Thomas, b/m, 26, wounded when struck in the abdomen, chest and arm when shot by Houston PD officer Bobby Thompson, a 19-yr. veteran of Westside Patrol. Thompson had stopped Thomas for an unspecified traffic violation, and Thomas got out of his car. When ordered to get back in his car, Thompson claims he instead reached under the front seat, so he shot him. There was no weapon.

13. 5/26/05 - Kristopher Lee Banks, 22, killed when shot once in the stomach by Houston PD undercover narcotics officer P.S. Weido, a 15-yr. veteran. Weido claims that when Banks offered to sell him drugs, he gave him $40. Banks demanded more and threatened to shoot Weido if he didn't pay more; that's when Weido shot him. A piece of wood was found in Banks' pocket; he died at scene. Banks is the 7th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

12. 4/25/05 - Marlon Rainford, b/m, 19, wounded when tasered and shot by Houston PD officer G. Fletcher. Police claim Rainford was acting suspiciously at an auto repair shop; when they responded, they say Rainford tried to run over them, ramming a patrol car.

11. 4/20/05 - Johnny Dell Nevels, 41, wounded when shot in the chest by Harris County Pct 3 deputy constable Phillip Marquez after a Family Dollar store robbery. Nevels tried to hide in nearby brush with several items in his hands. Marquez claims Nevels charged at him as other officers arrived, and he shot him.

10. 4/6/05 - Cetewayo Graves, b/m, believed to be in his late teens or early 20's, shot and killed by off-duty Brookside Village PD officer G. Hernandez. Three masked men entered the pawn shop and pointed their weapons at Hernandez. The shop owner got a gun and shot at one of the men, distracting them so that Hernandez could draw his gun and shoot Graves. More shots were exchanged, but the remaining two men got away. No other person was harmed. Graves is the 6th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

9. 3/24/05 - Carl Frederick Williams Jr., wounded when shot in the left thigh by Harris County Pct. 3 deputy constable Angela McDaniel. A deputy sheriff had tried to stop Williams for speeding, who pulled into an apartment parking lot and got out of his car with a gun. McDaniel happened to be at the complex, and ordered him to drop his gun. When he didn't, she shot him.

8. 3/7/05 - J'Korderic Jermaine Jefferson, b/m, 23, killed when shot in the face by Houston PD officer Gregory P. Countie (25-yr. veteran, Southeast Patrol Div.) Jefferson had taken a hostage after shooting and wounding three others. Countie shot him after Jefferson placed the hostage in his truck. Jefferson is the 5th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

7. 2/23/05 - Alan Leroy Hunter, Jr., b/m, 26, killed when shot twice in the head by Houston PD officer Anthony R. Arevalo (5-yr. veteran, Westside Patrol Div.), who says he heard gunfire, saw Hunter standing beside his pickup with a gun, thought he was threatening another motorist, and he shot him. Hunter's passenger disputes that, saying they were being chased by another car. Hunter stopped, got out and fired a warning shot into the air, then started to drive away when Arevalo shot him. The police report says "Hunter's vehicle rolled forward (after the shooting) approximately 100 yards and struck a fence," and evidence shows the officer shot through the driver's side window. Hunter's mother also says she saw her son's body inside the truck with the window broken. Hunter is the 4th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

6. 2/14/05 - Johnny J. Linker, wounded when shot by Harris County sheriff's deputy C. Friedrich, who saw Linker running from the scene of a vending machine burglary. As the two struggled, Friedrich claims Linker pulled a hammer from his waistband. Friedrich drew his weapon and fired once, striking Linker in the chest.

5. 1/29/05 - Vicente Desena, h/m, 27, shot in the chest and killed by Pasadena PD officer Matt Riggs. Residents of an apartment complex reported a man firing a gun in the courtyard. Officers found several men drunk in an apartment, claimed one of them pointed a gun at them, and Riggs shot him. Desena is the 3rd person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

4. 1/26/05 - Kirk Glenn Dobbins II., 19, killed when shot once in the abdomen by Harris County sheriff's deputy L.J. Jenkins, who police say was investigating the break-in of a vacant house. When a man inside the house approached him, Jenkins shot him. No weapon was reported to have been found. Dobbins is the 2nd person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer.

3. 1/3/05 - Alex Mendez, h/m, 26, shot and killed by Houston PD officers David Justin Patterson (5-yr. veteran) and Vasilis Harisis (3 1/2-yr. veteran), both with Southeast Patrol Div. Officers claim Mendez had a shotgun as he got out of his car, and both fired at him at least six times, killing him. They had stopped Mendez because his paper license plate was crooked. Mendez is the 1st person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers.

1. & 2. 1/2/05 - Angel Villeda, h/m, 34; and Jose Antonio Hernandez, h/m, 33, wounded when shot by off-duty Houston PD Sgt. Tony Nguyen, 38 (12-yr. veteran, Internal Affairs Div). Nguyen claims Villeda twice tried to run his car off the road. He got out of his car and shot 3 times at the tires of Villeda's van as he drove toward him, then shot twice more as the van moved past him. (It is a violation of HPD's policy to shoot at a moving vehicle.) Villeda was shot in the hand, and Hernandez was shot in the leg. But Villeda and Hernandez claim Nguyen reacted in road rage when their van pulled out in front of his car from a side road, saying both Nguyen and his wife made finger gestures as they passed their van. Nguyen's car spun around, facing Villeda's, and he shot at the van as it passed him. Villeda stopped at a store, and as Hernandez walked toward the store intending to call police, Nguyen fired a shot near his feet, ordering him to stop. Nguyen was no-billed by a grand jury.