2007 - Officer-involved Shootings

In 2007 there were 32 officer-involved shootings, resulting in 12 civilians killed and 20 wounded, including two boys, ages, 14 and 16. Four of those killed and one of the wounded were mentally ill. All of the officers were no-billed. Statistics for each agency are as follows:

Law Enforcement Agency
Houston PD
Sheriff's deputies
Pct. 1 constable's deputy
West University PD officer
Pct. 3 constable's deputy
Pct. 4 constable's deputy
Pct. 5 constable's deputy
Pct. 7 constable's deputy
Texas DPS trooper
U.S. Marshal

Officers killed in 2007

10/12/07 Study of police killings cannot account for all / Government says officers to blame for half of deaths of those in custody

32. 12/31/07 - J. Varges, wounded when shot by Houston PD officer Richard Martinez, 27 (2-yr. vet, Southeast Patrol Div.), working off-duty as an apartment security guard. Martinez noticed a woman crying for help as she sat in a car with a man; the woman told him the man had raped her. When Martinez tried to arrest Varges he was knocked to the ground. Martinez then fired once, hitting Varges. It is unknown how seriously he was injured. (media reports)

31. 12/11/07 - Roy Williams Hooper, 57, killed when shot by Harris County sheriff's deputies S. Suarez, D. Jasper and M. Robison after a 20-minute car chase. Hooper had robbed and killed a man. When the truck in which Hooper was a passenger finally stopped, Hooper allegedly pulled out a gun, and deputies fired more than 30 rounds at him. Hooper is the 12th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers. (media reports)

30. 12/8/07 - David King, 19, killed when shot by Precinct One reserve deputy constable Richard Jue, a/m, 49 (27-yr. vet), who was working off-duty at his family's restaurant. Jue says King and another man tried to rob him in the parking lot by pulling his vest up over his face. He claims he feared for his life, pulled a gun from his waistband and fired at close range, striking King in the upper chest. King tried to hide between cars, and Jue fired twice more in his direction. King's accomplice escaped. King is the 11th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

29. 10/18/07 - Raymond Smith Jr.

b/m, 29, killed when shot twice by Houston PD officer Brian Marshall Bueno (5-yr vet), who claimed he feared for his life when the unarmed and naked Smith allegedly chased him. Bueno was ticketing another driver when Smith stopped and got out of his pickup truck. He asked the other driver (apparently someone he knew) if Bueno was (expletive) with him, and an argument between Smith and Bueno ensued. Bueno began to pat him down, and witnesses say Smith's pants fell down. They say that when Smith tried to pull them up Bueno shot him with a Taser, which had no effect except possibly to annoy Smith, because he then tore off all his clothes and ran into some nearby woods. Bueno followed, but then claims Smith charged at him, so he shot him. Smith fell, but got up and ran to the patrol car, where police claim he tried to drive away. Bueno and backup officers pulled him out of the car, and Smith ran back into the woods, where he died. Smith is the 10th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

28. 8/27/07 - R. Patton, 24 and known to be mentally ill, shot by Precinct 3 deputy constable C. Kerr when responding to a domestic disturbance call. Patton had allegedly threatened his grandparents with a knife. Kerr claims he told Patton 10-15 times to drop the knife, then shot him, grazing Patton's chest. (media reports)

27. 8/23/07 - A. Campos, teenage h/m, shot from behind by Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable R. Elkin, who claimed Campos and a companion appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol as the walked down the street at 6:45 a.m. Elkin further claims that, when he began patting him down, Campos pulled a gun and started running away. Elkin said he grabbed at his arm and Campos fired shots at Elkin but did not hit him. Apparently, Campos was able to run from the officer, who then shot him in the buttocks. (media reports)

26. 8/20/07 - Clifton Gerald Eames, b/m, 36, shot and killed by West University PD officer Alex Gomez (one-yr. vet with WUPD, but 6 yrs policing experience), and Southside Place PD officer Stephen Mulligan (23-yr. vet). Eames, who was jealous of his wife's soaring career opportunities, had ambushed and killed her in a parking lot, shooting her several times. He then put her body in the trunk of his car, drove to a nearby church school and told employees to call police. When Gomez and Mulligan arrived, Eames shot at them, and they returned fire, hitting him multiple times. Eames is the 9th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers. (media reports)

25. 8/14/07 - Brittnee S. King

b/f, 18, wounded when shot on her 18th birthday by Houston PD officer Patrick Carraway (sworn in just 4 months ago, assigned to Northeast Patrol Div.) Officers saw a passenger in King's vehicle throw some trash out the window and tried to stop her. Apparently, King was near her home, and she instead continued driving to her apartment complex, where a code was required to enter. As she began punching in the code, Carraway claimed he saw a shiny object in her left hand, and shot her. King's mother says the "shiny object" was likely the bracelets she was wearing that night. (media reports)

24. 7/31/07 - Reginald Lee Sumbler, b/m, 21, killed when shot multiple times by Houston PD officers Sergeant P.E. Ogden III. (Eastside Patrol Division), Officer H.M. Wagner Jr. (5-yr. veteran, Southeast Patrol Division), Officer T.S. Warren (Special Operations Division), and Officers Patrick J. Straker, A. Gonzales, Richard L. Kent, and R.J. McCusker (SWAT). Police say Sumbler had called them, saying he wanted to die. The first officer to respond found him outside his home, holding a gun and a Bible. A CIT officer then spoke to him for nearly an hour, convincing him to move away from his gun and read his Bible. As he did so, SWAT officers arrived and began surrounding him. Alarmed by SWAT's arrival, police say Sumbler grabbed the gun; at least one witness said he didn't pick up the gun at this point. Police claim he then pointed it at the officers; witnesses say he did not. One of the officers shot once, and Sumbler fell backward into a ditch. He then grabbed for the gun, and all seven officers opened fire. Sumbler is the 8th person known to have been shot to death this year by Harris County police officers. (media reports)

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23. 7/22/07 - Erik Garzon, 21, wounded when shot by Harris County Sheriff's deputy J. Urena. Garzon and a companion were breaking into a car in the parking lot of the apartments where Urena lived. When Urena heard glass breaking he yelled for them to stop; Garzon fled while Urena subdued the other man. Garzon then allegedly returned, coming behind Urina with a gun. Deputies say that Garzon shot at Urina just as he turned, and the gunshot grazed his ear. Urina then shot Garzon twice - in the hip and the leg. (media reports)

22. 7/21/07 - Steven Guillory

b/m, 39 and mentally ill, killed when shot by Houston PD officers T.K. Richardson and R.B. Wieners. Police say Guillory had threatened his mother with a knife, and she called 911 for help, telling them that her son was mentally ill. When officers arrived they said Guillory had a large pipe and appeared agitated. After about 20 minutes the officers moved away and called for backup; Guillory then began smashing the patrol car's windows and headlights. When the second officers arrived Guillory's mother told them her son was schizophrenic and bipolar, begging them not to shoot him. But they allege that Guillory threw the pipe at them, and Richardson and Wieners then shot him at least once. Once again, the Crisis Intervention Team either was not summoned or failed to respond to this call. Guillory is the 7th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

21. 7/21/07 - B. Pierre, is wounded when shot by Houston PD officer E. Browhow after robbing some women at gunpoint. Browhow chased and caught him, and a struggle ensued as Pierre tried to take the officer's gun. Browhow managed to hold on to the gun, but shot Pierre in the leg. (media reports)

20. 7/3/07 - John F. Burks, b/m, 17, wounded when shot by Houston PD narcotics officer M. A. Dominguez (2-yr. vet, Fondren Patrol), who says Burks tried to run over him. Working undercover, Dominguez was sitting in his unmarked car in a parking lot when he observed what he believed to be a drug deal. He apparently called uniformed officers, and when they tried to arrest Burks, Dominguez claims Burks accelerated rapidly toward him. (But the HPD news release states that Burks "swerved around the officer and his unmarked patrol vehicle.") Dominguez fired several shots at Burks, striking him in both wrists. (media reports)

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19. 6/8/07 - Anthony Daniel Williams, b/m, 28, wounded when shot by Houston PD officer E.B. Cisneros (15-yr. vet). Williams had stolen a car at gunpoint, and was fleeing from police when he crashed the car. He fled on foot, and was hiding behind a library book drop box when Cisneros ordered him to put his hands up and get on the ground. At first he complied, but then Cisneros claims he dropped his hands as if reaching for a weapon and made an overt move toward him. Cisneros then shot Williams in the chest, claiming he feared for his life. Williams did not have a weapon, and none has been found. (media reports)

18. 6/3/07 - Clifford Jackson Fairfax, b/m, 42, wounded when shot in the leg by Houston PD officer R. Madrid (16-yr. vet, North Patrol Div.) Fairfax was burglarizing a home when he saw the homeowner and Madrid pulled up to the house. He jumped through a window and began running away. Madrid claims Fairfax was holding a black object and turned towards him with it in his hand. Claiming he thought Fairfax was about to shoot him, Madrid fired once, striking Fairfax in the leg. The black object was Fairfax's wallet. (media reports)

17. 6/2/07 - Darrell Gragert, 42, killed when shot by Harris County sheriff's deputy A. Waybright (5-yr. vet), who found Gragert sitting in his car behind a car wash at 3:30 a.m. As the officer approached, Gragert got out of his car and said he was having car trouble. When he got back in his car to get his I.D., Waybright claims he started the car and reached behind his seat, refusing to show his hands. He then claims Gragert accelerated rapidly in reverse toward him. Waybright shot at Gragert three times, striking him in the hand and upper torso. It is unclear how a gunshot could have struck Gragert in his torso, since the deputy allegedly was standing behind the car. It appears Waybright violated HCSO policy by shooting at a moving vehicle. Gragert died an hour later. He is the 6th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

16. 5/30/07 - J. Rivas, h/m, 16, wounded when shot by Houston PD officer P. Kopulos as Rivas struggled with Kopulos' partner, M.A. Dominguez (both 2-yr. veterans with Fondren Patrol). The officers say they saw two men and Rivas jaywalking and "acting suspicious," and began patting them down. When they found a gun on one of the men, the officers claim Rivas pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at them. Dominguez grabbed his hand. They further claim that Rivas shot at Dominguez as they struggled over the gun, grazing his cheek. Kopulos then fired two shots at Rivas, hitting him at least once. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. (media reports)

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15. 5/12/07 - Alex Macario Rivera a/k/a Hegnor Irias

h/m, 22, killed when shot in the back by Houston PD officer K.R. Barnes (9-yr. veteran, Fondren Patrol), who was talking to a woman whose purse was stolen. As they spoke, a man identified a passerby as the person that had previously robbed him at gunpoint. Barnes approached Rivera, who allegedly "fled" into a nearby apartment complex. Police first claimed that Rivera then ran toward Barnes with a pistol, refused to drop the gun, and Barnes fired twice, hitting Rivera in the upper torso. Two days later officers admit that Rivera was shot in the back. Rivera is the 5th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

14. 5/10/07 - Alejo Castaneda Gonzalez, h/m, wounded when shot by Houston PD officer R.E. Briggs (16-yr. veteran, Narcotics Div.), who was conducting an investigation when Gonzalez allegedly confronted him with a gun. Briggs claims Gonzalez fired at him, and Briggs shot once, striking Gonzalez in the abdomen. He is in stable condition. (media reports)

13. 5/9/07 - C. Bennett, 26, wounded when shot by Harris County sheriff's deputy J. Garcia, a 15-yr. vet. A motorist said he was being followed by another car and was directed to stop at a gas station where a deputy was waiting. When the deputy stopped the car, the passenger got out and tried to hide between other cars. Garcia claims he saw Bennett drop a magazine clip as he ran toward some nearby woods with a pistol in his hand. He further claims Bennett then turned toward him, and Garcia fired several shots, hitting Bennett at least once in the chest. He was Life-Flighted to Ben Taub Hospital in stable condition. (media reports)

12. 5/6/07 - Marnell Robertson Villarreal

b/f, 42 and mentally ill, killed when shot once at Houston PD headquarters by HPD officer A.B. Clay, a 9-yr. vet. Villarreal had first requested to speak to an investigator about a case involving her, but was refused entry because her name was flagged as someone who had previously tried to bring weapons into the building. Officers then saw her "wandering" on the street in front of headquarters, and again refused her entry when she asked to use the bathroom. She later rushed into the building, allegedly with a knife in her hand (Note: A witness claims it was similar to a butter knife), crying out, "Shoot me, kill me. I want to end this." As she focused her attention on Clay, officer E.D. Smith (5-yr. vet), shot her with a Taser, which apparently failed to make contact. Clay then shot her in the chest. Villarreal was convicted in November of unlawfully carrying a weapon, and was ordered at that time to have a psychiatric examination; it is not known if the examination was arranged by the court or any other authority. Once again, no CIT officer was summoned, despite her unusual behavior for several hours before she was killed. Villarreal is the 4th person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

11. 5/3/07 - D. Rogers, shot by off-duty Houston PD SWAT officer Gilbert Reyes (28-yr. vet) after robbing a restaurant. Reyes had just left a restaurant near the one that was robbed, and chased Rogers in his car. When he caught up with him, Reyes claims Rogers threatened him with a gun, and he shot him. Rogers ran into some nearby woods and was able to get to his home, where he called 911 to report he had been shot; and the police then arrested him. (media reports)

10. 5/1/07 - John Palmer, wounded when shot by U.S. Marshal C. Welch.

9. 4/25/07 - Joseph Juan Flores, h/m, 23, wounded when shot by Houston PD narcotics officers F.P. Scoggins III. and F. Rodriguez Jr., who were attempting to serve a search warrant. Officers claim there was no response to their knock, and forced their way into the apartment. They further claim Flores was pointing a gun at them at they entered, and both officers fired, striking Flores. (media reports)

8. 4/24/07 - Andrew Gibbs, 14, shot in the back of his leg by Harris County sheriff's deputy Luis Guillermo Figueroa during a fight between two men in a parking lot. Figueroa claims Gibbs pulled a gun and attempted to flee, so he shot him. Another man who allegedly refused to leave the parking lot was Tasered. (media reports)

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7. 3/28/07 - J. Lott, wounded when shot three times by Pct. 7 deputy constable W. Winfree, 47, a 3-yr. veteran. Winfree confronted four men as they were assaulting another man, one of whom had a gun. The four began running away, but Lott, who had the gun, allegedly refused to drop it and pointed it at Winfree, who then shot him in the abdomen. (media reports)

6. 2/14/07 - Dustin Shane Mosley, 23, wounded when shot in the chest by Texas DPS trooper Charles Kibble, 43 (13-yr. vet). Mosley was stopped for speeding. The officer said he smelled marijuana in the car and called for backup. When Kibble arrived Mosley ran into a nearby wooded area. Kibble caught him, and as the two struggled, Kibble claims Mosley tried to take his gun, so he shot him. Mosley was Life-Flighted to the hospital in critical condition. (media reports)

5. 2/10/07 - Michael Gene Meloy, w/m, 38 and apparently mentally ill, killed when Houston PD officer Scott C. Dalton (14-yr. vet, NE Patrol Div.), shoots him in the torso with a shotgun. Meloy had robbed a liquor store then tried to hide behind the store. When the police found him, he began walking away, and officers followed him for several blocks, offering to take him to a hospital. According to a witness, who said he seemed "crazy but calm," Meloy responded, "You can't help me, just shoot me." Officers claim he lunged at them with a knife, and Dalton shot him. Despite his strange behavior, no CIT officer was reported to have been called. Meloy is the 3rd person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

4. 1/26/07 - Edward Thomas, 20, shot in the head, shoulder and side by Houston PD detectives M.W. Hamby, 47 (26-yr. vet), and T.D. Butler, 34 (12-yr. vet.), who saw Thomas sitting in their unmarked car as they approached after having lunch. The officers say they identified themselves as police and ordered Thomas to surrender; instead, Thomas jumped into his own car (parked next to the detectives), and drove toward them. Hamby and Butler both opened fire, shooting three times through the windshield and twice in each of the front doors. At least 11 shots were fired at Thomas, who was unarmed. (media reports)

Michael W. Hamby

3. 1/19/07 - Richard Williams, w/m, 35 and mentally ill, critically wounded when shot numerous times by Harris County Pct. 5 deputy constables O. Garcia, R. Felix, D. Johnson and R. Horn, who went to Williams' home after dispatchers received a 911 hang-up call. Williams spoke to the deputies at his front door, but refused to let them inside. Deputies claim that as they began to surround his home, Williams ran outside with what appeared to be a weapon in his hand, and they shot him. The weapon was a pellet gun. Neighbors were stunned, saying, "He's always real nice. . . He was just a real sweet man." (media reports)

2. 1/9/07 - Robert McIntosh

b/m, 23, shot three times and killed by Houston PD officer Leonard P. Smith, who had stopped the car in which McIntosh was a passenger for a broken tail light. Smith found the driver had a warrant from another county, and began to question McIntosh. He claims McIntosh pushed him, and ran. A struggle ensued after Smith caught up to him and shot him with a Taser. McIntosh then broke Smith's thumb when he managed to take the Taser away from him. Smith claims he then feared for his life, shot McIntosh, and handcuffed him. However, a witness (the wife of a church pastor) who saw the entire incident, and others claim that Smith shot McIntosh three times after he was handcuffed and on the ground. McIntosh was unarmed; he is the 2nd person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

1. 1/7/07 - Omar B. Esparza

h/m, 21 and known by police to be mentally ill, killed when shot by Houston PD officer Rodney D. Chaison Jr. (5-yr. veteran). Esparza's parents had called 911 for help in taking him to a psychatric facility for evaluation after he locked the family out of the house. Police claim that he had assaulted his sister and was destroying their house with a hammer; the family dispute that claim and say Esparza did neither. (Those who were later inside the home said the home was orderly and there was no evidence of destruction; the 18-yr. old sister said her brother never assaulted her.) After police arrived they assured the family that their son would not be harmed; a CIT officer arrived and allegedly tried to talk Esparza out of the home, without success. After two hours, the CIT officer authorized other officers to enter the home to take Esparza into custody. The officers claim Esparza charged them with the hammer, and Pineda shot him dead. The father said he heard five shots within minutes of the officers entering his home, but the family was kept waiting 4 to 5 hours outside, not knowing their son was dead because the officers would give them no information about his condition. An ambulance was finally summoned after about 3 hours. Esparza is the 1st person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)