Deputies: Officer opens fire on suspect on North Freeway

by staff

Posted on April 25, 2010 at 11:57 AM

Updated Sunday, Apr 25 at 1:22 PM

HOUSTON Ė A Harris County Deputy was forced to open fire Saturday after a suspect attempted to run him over in the middle of a highway, according to authorities. It happened on the North Freeway at North Vista.

Deputies said around 11 p.m., a Dodge Intrepid was completely stopped in the northbound middle lane of the freeway.

A wrecker driver pulled in front of the car as a Harris County unit pulled up behind to protect the car with flashing lights. The deputy then went up to the driverís side door to investigate.

Deputies said a 27-year-old, who appeared to be sleeping, was behind the wheel of the car with a gun in his lap. The deputy then reached into the car and removed the gun.

That must have startled the driver, who immediately put his car in reverse and attempted to hit the officer, according to authorities. The deputy dodged out of the way and drew his weapon. The suspect put the car in drive and attempted the run the deputy over again. It was at that time the deputy, in fear for his life, discharged his weapon. He fired several rounds at the driverís door.

The suspect was hit once in the arm, lost control of the vehicle and hit a retaining wall on the freeway. The suspect still would not give up. He then jumped out of the car and attempted to flee on foot, but the deputy Tased him.

The suspect was transported to Ben Taub hospital in stable condition. The deputy, an eight-year veteran with the force, only sustained minor bruises during the incident. He was treated at the scene.

It is still unclear why the driver was stopped in the middle of the freeway. Police said they will test for drugs and alcohol.