Suspect arrested, charged in officer-involved shooting

by staff
Posted on December 24, 2010 at 9:05 PM

HOUSTON -- A suspect was arrested and charged Friday after he was shot in the shoulder and led police on a brief chase the night before.

The chase happened around 7 p.m. Thursday at Texas and Avenue J in south Houston.

South Houston police said an officer was tailing the suspect and called a marked South Houston unit to assist.

When the marked unit arrived, he tried to pull the suspect over, but the suspect took off.

Police said the chase only lasted about a half mile before the suspect lost control and crashed into a ditch.

Police said the suspect started making gestures like he was reaching for a gun, so one of the officers, Martin Garcia fired his weapon once, striking the suspect in the shoulder.

Neither officer was injured.

Garcia was placed on duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.