Scott Tschirhart - media reports

11/15/89 - Byron Gillum, 24, shot six (6) times in the back, abdomen and arm and killed; (media reports)

07/12/85 - Tschirhart kills Bennie Lee Young, (media reports) and

11/02/83 - Tschirhart kills Phillip W. Franklin. (media reports)



In seven years of duty, Houston police officer Scott Tschirhart has killed three men and beaten another. All were black.

11/02/1983 - Tschirhart kills a 22-year-old man after the suspected auto thief rams the officer's patrol car at Southmore and Dowling. A grand jury no-bills Tschirhart in the fatal shooting of Phillip W. Franklin, who was driving a stolen Jaguar.

07/02/1985 - Tschirhart beats a handcuffed prisoner, cab driver Billy Dale McCollum, arrested for outstanding traffic warrants. Tschirhart says he struck McCollum because he was resisting and giving him a hard time. The officer is suspended for 15 days in April 1986, but an independent arbitrator later overturns the suspension.

07/12/1985 - Tschirhart fatally shoots Bennie Lee Young, 24, three times with his backup pistol after Young reportedly tries to get the officer's service revolver out of its holster. Tschirhart says Young was interfering as he was arresting a woman for creating a disturbance in the 1800 block of Ewing. A grand jury no-bills him but requests that the investigation be reopened. The district attorney's office declines.

11/15/1989 - Tschirhart kills Byron Gillum, 24, in the 3700 block of Scott as Gillum is going home from his job at Patrol Guard Services. Tschirhart says Gillum was reaching for a .357-caliber pistol as the officer tried to get him to sign a ticket. Tschirhart empties his 10mm semiautomatic into Gillum, striking him eight times. Tschirhart is fired by Chief Lee P. Brown, but a grand jury declines to indict him. His appeal of his firing is pending.

Tschirhart has had nine citizen complaints filed against him, including use of excessive force. He also has had eight commendations.