Cops Disgracing the Badge

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01/18/10 - Cops and Crime - What the Hell is Going On? - Criminal Justice Online

Officer's Name
5/21/15 | HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston police officers relieved of duty due to a criminal investigation.

2nd HPD Officer Relieved of Duty Amid Criminal Investigation


  Sgt. Steven Glezman, assigned to the Burglary and Theft Unit and Sgt. Brian Jordan worked in the Vice Division.
4/24/13 | HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Tommy Forgue faces charges after allegedly fondling and harassing a young woman who needed help at the Houston Rodeo.
Tommy Forgue, Harris County Precinct 5 Constable
3/1/13 - Ridley allegedly conspired with Lionel Dixon to steal $10,000 from a group they met on Craigslist.


North Forest ISD police officer Ricky Ridley (media reports)

2/22/13 - Chris faces two charges of official oppresion. He is accused of pulling over women drivers and offering to tear up their traffic tickets, in exchange for sexual favors.


Victor Chris, 37, HPD officer (media reports)




2/5/13 - 3 deputies were fired for improper conduct that involved consensual sex in the deputies' patrol cars.
Robert Johnson, Michael Medina and Adam Wright
2/5/13 - Blevins was arrested on charges of stealing evidence, accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in comic books from a defendant in an embezzlement case.

Lonnie Blevins, investigator with the Harris County District Attorney's Office



1/28/13 - A two-count indictment against the officers alleges they conspired to possess cocaine with intent to distribute it in the Houston area.
Emerson Canizales, 26 (on left), and Michael Miceli, 26 (on right),

1/16/13 - Roque charged with drug possession with intent to distribute and for using his law enforcement authority while committing a crime.











Deputy accused of helping drug traffickers - Houston Chronicle

Reserve deputy arrested on federal charges - HOUSTON (Click2News)

Deputy accused of helping drug traffickers
/16/13 - Houston Chronicle
Investigators arrested a deputy Harris County constable accused of helping narcotics traffickers.

Tomas Roque was a reserve deputy with Harris County Precinct 6 when he was taken into custody Wednesday as part of a corruption investigation linked to drug dealers.

The indictment against Roque, 26, was unsealed the day of his arrest. Around Dec. 6, Roque helped with the delivery of cocaine in the Houston area and was paid $2,000 in protection money, federal prosecutors said. Roque spent more than two years with the constable’s office. Continue reading...

Tomas Roque, Reserve deputy with Harris County Precinct 6












1/15/13 - Foster pleaded guilty to running drug money as a courier for an organization that laundered as much as $27 million collected from around the United States.






Anthony Foster, HPD officer







11/25/12 | HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Lincoln, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault on a family member.

Off-duty HPD officer jailed for aggravated assaults




Cedric Douglas Lincoln, HPD officer



11/16/12 - Trevino was charged in four felony indictments alleging abuse of official capacity, misapplication of fiduciary property and tampering with a government document.




Victor Trevino, Precinct 6 Constable

Trevino indited on charges related to his former charity -

(Houston Chronicle)



10/19/12 - Relieved of duty related to Hayes' behavior at a shooting scene earlier in the week and how he treated a fellow deputy during the event. He is now the target of an internal investigation.





Sgt. Sam Hayes









10/17/12 - Charged with extortion under color of official right.

Richard Cano


10/09/12 - Charged with aiding in the possession of a controlled substance. Accused of helping deal ecstasy in the Houston area.

Jesus Martinez, Harris County Sheriff's Office



09/30/12 - Both HCSO deputies were arrested. Meyer for interferring with the duties of a public servant and Lock was charged with trespassing.

Kevin Meyer (Detention Unit) and Christopher David Lock (Patrol Officer)


09/03/12 - Arrested for DWI

Soraiya Ali


08/24/12 - Allegedly took nearly $8,000 from a law firm in the 1700 block of Lubbock Street during an armed robbery.


Ray Faustino Acuna, who resigned Feb. 2 from the Houston Police Department




08/18/12 - Arrested for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Gerardo Hernandez, Harris County Precinct 4 Constable
08/02/12 - Busted during an undercover drug sting. They are accused of stealing drugs and trying to sell them. - KTRK

German Ramos and Kendrick Ferguson, HPD officers (media reports)


07/11/12 - Charged with indecency with a child.
Thomas Harmon DeMont


06/20/12 - An investigation is under way after a business owner said he used his cell phone to catch an off-duty officer fighting with his neighbor.



06/04/12 - Charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit other felony, a 2nd degree felony


Joe Fleming, HPD officer (media reports)


05/04/12 - Charged with DWI

Henry Williams, Harris County Precinct 3 Deputy Constable (media reports)
05/02/12 - Exposed himself to a group of people at a bar which escalated into a brawl where a man was stabbed. - KHOU

Miles Stedman Dumas, HPD officer (media reports)



03/17/12 - Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constable, accused of sexually assaulting a child - KTRK

Deputy Jeremy English



03/02/12 - Charged with a felony, tampering with a government record. George was fired from the sheriff's department.

Jimmy W. George (media reports)



03/02/12 - Arrested and charged with continued sexual abuse of a child, a felony.
Deputy, Eleazar Gongora, Jr. (media reports)
02/24/12 - Accused having sex with woman in custody.
Detention officer, Tony Richards (media reports)
02/06/12 - Accused of beating his wife and threatening her life.
Aldine ISD police officer, Heriberto Morales (media reports)
01/27/12 - HPD investigator accused of bigamy.
Veteran HPD officer relieved of duty, accused of having 2 wives
HPD Homicide investigator, David Gunter (media reports)

12/02/11 - Court appearance for ex-Humble officer - KTRK

Charged with official oppression.


Frank Saye

Pct 2 deputy constable (Unnamed)
11/29/11 - The constable's office said it is not releasing details of the case or the deputy's name.
Pct 2 deputy constable (Unnamed)

11/15/11 - Houston police officer charged with aiding and abetting possession of a controlled substance by providing an escort for drugs through Houston in his police vehicle.


Leslie Aikens (media reports)

11/07/11 - Vandalized ex-boyfriend’s home.



Veronica Salmeron (media reports)

10/19/11 - Police officer charged with drunken driving and unlawful carrying of a weapon.


HPD Sgt. Roy Marquez (media reports)

Deputy Constable Accused Of Fondling Woman
Precinct 3 deputy constable Christopher Kerr (media reports)



Steven Hobbs

09/30/11 - Accused of cocaine possession, and theft during traffic stops.


HBU officer Jesse Frank Perry (media reports)

09/23/11 - Officer sentenced to prison for theft.


Matthew Calley (HPD) (media reports)


Three Houston police officers accused of getting high on duty

Three HPD officers (media reports)


Sexual misconduct allegations


HPD officer, Joe Latin (media reports)

08/17/11 - This video shows Officer Angela Horton walking up to the 16-year-old robbery suspect and punch him in the face. - KTRK
Officer Angela Horton (media reports)

06/28/11 - HPD fires officer over tear gas incident.


HPD officer, Michael Hamby (media reports)

06/01/11 - An off-duty Houston police officer is the subject of an internal investigation after a family claims he broke into their home while chasing down a teenager.


05/04/11 - HPD officer accused of theft.


HPD officer, Stefan Riha (media reports)

05/03/11 - A former Houston police officer is headed to jail for allegedly sexually assaulting a prostitute.


Demetrie Dixon


Excessive force - Two file suit against HPD officer - KTRK


HPD officer, Brenton Green

04/27/11 - Ex-student accuses HISD officer of sexual assault - Houston Chronicle


HISD officer, Calvin Williams

04/18/11 - HPD officer charged with DWI - KTRK


HPD officer, Jarrod Johnson


UH officer, Ann O'Donnell

Harris County Sheriff's deputy (no name given)

02/25/11 - Jailer charged with official oppression

A jailer is facing charges after he allegedly exposed himself in front of a female inmate.

HCSO Jailer, Drake Jackson

Caught on Tape: Woman says Deputy Used Excessive Force - HOUSTON (Fox26News)

Harris County Sheriff’s deputy is in the hot seat on grounds he engaged in some unnecessary rough housing while apprehending a woman at a Target store.

01/20/11 - Accused of sexual assault.





HPD officer, Abraham Joseph (media reports)




Nutt plead guilty in 2011 and admitted he wore his uniform and gun while helping four Houston men steal what they believed was four pounds of cocaine. The "drug rip" turned out to be an undercover sting set up by Houston police and FBI agents.


HPD officer, Richard Nutt (media reports)





11/30/10 -
Special Operations sergeant was heard uttering comments about roughing up or arresting "fa--ots" before the 2009 Pride Parade
10/26/10 - Deputy arrested on bribery charges.


Harris County deputy sheriff, George Wesley Ellington
HPD officer, Mark Richard Hutchins
06/11/10 - Did Pct. 5 deputy constable Paul Olivera abandon a dying teen?
Pct. 5 deputy constable Paul Olivera

06/03/10 - Arrested for DWI - HOUSTON (Fox26News)

Harris County deputy constable, Michael St. Romain
HPD officer, Tiffany Mayes

Raymond Garivey (on left), indicted on two counts of filing a false report, a class B misdemeanor; and David Leal (on right), indicted on two 2nd degree felony charges of tampering with a government record. (media reports)

04/09/10 - Deputy convicted of sexual assault of child.

Paul Briones


Former Sheriff Deputy, Paul Briones (media reports)

11/17/09 - Former Harris Co. lawman charged with exposure - Houston Chronicle


Charles Easterling


John Fitzgerald


HPD officer accused of theft

HPD officer, Anthony Foster (media reports)


Jose Moran



Raymond Berryman and Jose Moran



Lt. Louis Guthrie


Deputy accused of drunk driving

Murray Campbell (media reports)

03/24/09 - Accused of robbing a bank.


Michael Tindall (media reports)


Randolph Krisinsky

01/14/09 - Charged with two counts of tampering with an official record, a second-degree felony.

HPD officer, Richard Butler



Deputy fire marshal, Chris Rodriguez Reyes

11/24/08 - Deputy charged with shooting man having affair with his wife.

Jorge Figueroa

Deputy Jorge Figueroa (media reports)

Metro Cop Michael Rocha, and Pct 6 deputy Enrique Torres

Officers, Ronny Martin, and Officer Jeffrey Larson (pictured)


03/11/08 - Officers facing theft charges - KTRK



Officers, Tracy Bell, and Kirshonda K. Richardson



Ex-HPD Srgt. Michael L. Cox



Ex-probation officer, Wm Donald Nolen

02/06/08 - Lawman gets 14 years for assault of girl, 16.
Ex-lawman, Eric Spiller (media reports)

03/14/08 - Deputy who died in crash was drunk on duty - Houston Chronicle


Deputy, Craig Miller


HPD officer accused of interfering with daughter's possible arrest - Houston Chronicle

HPD officer, Kerry Q. Small


HPD cadet faces drug charge after traffic stop - Houston Chronicle


Rene Fuentes

08/09/07 - Felony charges of tampering with evidence.
Jersey Village officer, Robert LeRouax


11/01/05 - Officer gets five (5) years for lying to grand jury and abusing power.



Ex-officer, J. Eric Matamoros (media reports)


David James Vitrella



Deputy constable accused of tampering with evidence due in court - KTRK

Precinct 4 Captain, Tim Cannon


Officer faces threat charge - Houston Chronicle

HPD officer, Rafael Baez, Jr.

Pasadena PD officer, J. Oakley

Former Harris County Asst. DA, Dorian Cotlar


Colby Minix


Ex-deputy, Ed Christensen



06/22/07 - Officer accused of sexual assault.



HPD officer, Eric M. Dargin (media reports)

04/26/07 - Officer pleads guilty in illegal strip-search case and charged with official oppression.


Ex-HPD officer, Thomas Gandy (media reports)

06/04/07 - Deputy executed for killing Houston woman.


Sheriff's deputy Michael Griffith (media reports)


HPD officer, Harold Clayton, Jr.


Jersey Village officers, Virgil Thomas and Mark Zatzkin
Officer convicted of deadly conduct in road rage incident
Pasadena PD officer, Marcus Justin Kacz (media reports)


R.N. Cobb and A.G. Baquet

04/05/07 - Deputy found guilty of DWI.


Deputy Brian Kirsch (seated on right) (media reports)

11/28/06 - Former HPD officer is charged in bank robbery and accused of in-custody sex.


Former HPD officer, Raymond A. Martinez (media reports)

04/28/06 - High ranking officer accused of harassment - KTRK/Houston


Lt. Joe Buttitta

04/19/06 - Officer accused again of excessive force - KTRK/La Porte, TX


Carl Davis


Drunk Cop Cover Up - HPD news release
HPD officer


Officer McMichael


Friendswood PD officer, Judith Pree
04/18/05 - Deputy Charged with Assault, Hate Crime - Click2Houston

Sheriff's deputy, Nathaniel Rogers Jr.


HPD officer Bobby Thompson

02/11/04 - Cabdriver files verbal abuse claim - Houston Chronicle


Officer Doug Carr

Ex-HPD officer, Eric Hillman (media reports)

Joseph K McGowen

Edward D. Flucos
Quinn Charles




Carlton J. Jones, 38, w/m, killed when his patrol car rolled over several times.  A 17-yr. veteran with Houston Police Dept., Jones was drunk and lost control of his car; he was on duty, but not responding to a call.  His wife was immediately given $10,000 by the 100 Club because he “died in the line of duty.”


Carlton J. Jones




Official oppression and two felony charges of indecency with a child.


John Sheldon Williams (media reports)

HPD officer indicted on tampering charges
David J. Sanchez (media reports)
Daniel Flores




The grand jury indicted Williams on two charges of indecency with a child, two charges of official oppression, a charge of attempted sexual performance by a child, and tampering with governments.

Missing girl prompts dismissal of sex charges


Pct. 5, Quintin Williams



Sexually abused his 10-year-old niece during the Christmas holidays
Ernest Jackson, II. (media reports)
Unidentified woman, 23, taken from her car and coerced to perform oral sex on officer Adrian Haywood, 29, after traffic stop. The woman’s 2-week old baby was in her car, as was the woman’s sister. Haywood is later sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Officer, Adrian Haywood
Unidentified 10-yr. old girl, molested by Rosenberg police officer Albert Rubio, 28. He is later indicted for sexual assault.
Officer, Albert Rubio


Unidentified woman, coaxed to apartment complex by HPD officer Selvyn J. Ellis, 34. Ellis is indicted for official oppression.

HPD officer, Selvyn J. Ellis



Man hit, killed by patrol car ID'd - Houston Chronicle

Officer D.M. Boling


Robert Fratta


Rookie of the Year suspended for cocaine use

Officer, Georgette Flanagan